i adore

I am a hopeless romantic who has a passion for capturing joyful and memorable moments whether they be large or small.
When I'm not at the barn riding my horse, you can find me relaxing with my family and enjoying time in the outdoors. My husband and I married in June 2018 after 9 years of dating and we are loving life together.
I have a very large sweet tooth that has yet to cease into adulthood, I cannot go a day without talking to my mom and I grew up with three older brothers.

I love love and I am grateful for any opportunity I get to photograph it.  I also am very sentimental with the past and often get nostalgic.  I find taking photos really allows us to step back in time and relive those special memories!

hello. I'm emily!


Photo by: Renee Lemaire Photography

my husband


the beach



the countryside

My passion is to document stories through photographs.   Whether that be through the excitement of graduating high school or getting married to your high school sweet heart.  All moments in between hold so much space in our hearts and I love capturing it all.

My approach is to create and facilitate natural, soft and emotive moments. I strive to help all my clients feel right at home in who they are and their beauty in front of the camera.

my passion is to capture genuine connections

emily's Philosophy