Some facts about me:
-Most days, you can find me relaxing with my husband and pup Clifford while enjoying time in the outdoors.
-I have a very large sweet tooth - chocolate, cake, candy - you name it!
-I cannot go a day without talking to my mom.
-I have 3 older brothers and still found myself never wanting a sister!
- I have played tennis competitively since middle school - and still do!
- I listen to movie scores nonstop: The Holiday and Pride & Prejudice being my favorites.. of course ;)
- I live in neutral and earth toned clothes.

about me


I have a strong connection to animals. Specifically, dogs and horses. My family has owned Golden Retrievers all my life and I have been involved with horses from a young age; I owned two of my own for about 8 years.


Experiencing God's handiwork and getting to take in all the sights appeals to my adventurous side. I haven't been able to travel as many places as I would like thus far but my bucket list grows longer by the day!



Family and Jesus are the most important areas in my life.  They influence my every decision and keep me grounded.  They are a large inspiration to my style of photography and allow me to express my artistry authentically.

I can't wait to hear more about your story and how I can help you document it.  Let's chat!

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