Some facts about me:
-Most days, you can find me relaxing with my husband and pup Clifford while enjoying time in the outdoors.
-I have a very large sweet tooth - chocolate, cake, candy - you name it!
-I cannot go a day without talking to my mom.
-I have 3 older brothers and still found myself never wanting a sister!
- I have played tennis competitively since middle school - and still do!
-I have every line of The Office pretty much memorized.
- I listen to movie scores nonstop: The Holiday and Pride & Prejudice being my favorites.. of course ;)
- I live in neutral and earth toned clothes.

Hello, I'm Emily Barbara


I have a strong connection to animals.  Specifically, dogs and horses.  My family has owned Golden Retrievers all my life and I have been involved with horses from a young age;  I owned two of my own for about 8 years.


Experiencing God's handiwork and getting to take in all the sights appeals to my adventurous side.  I haven't been able to travel as many places as I would like thus far but my bucket list grows longer by the day!


I gather a lot of my inspiration for photography from nature - movement, light and color.


I love photographing the little details that most often get forgetten.


favorite things

I started my photo journey in 2017 when I shot my very first wedding - solo.  The bride was a friend of mine from college and ever since then, my love for photography has only burned brighter - I now am learning to incorporate an older but timeless form of photography; film!

I have always loved taking snapshots of the world and of life but it always had a deeper meaning to me.  I know how valuable life is and can acknowledge that as we get older memories in our minds may fade, but bringing a memory to life through a photo is there to stay forever.

My photo story

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