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I’ve always been someone to want to find adventure and see what is out there and photography has become my outlet to be adventurous!  I love capturing how the world looks behind a camera.  I long to reveal the raw, real and memorable moments people think have come and gone; Photographing moments gone, but not forgotten.  Whether it be photos of you and the love of your life, your family, or even a pet of yours, all those moments are special and hold a place in your heart forever.  Seeing a photo almost feels like a time capsule!  It allows us to look back in time and recall those fleeting moments of bliss, happiness or just pure love.

My style is to reflect a refreshing, natural and light look throughout my photos.  I really try to incorporate natural sunlight as I think it’s the most flattering.  Equally, I love capturing moments between humans.  The Bible discusses the importance of human connection and community and photographing those connections can be magical.  I like to think of photography as “freezing” a moment in time, and a camera allows us to do just that!